Av Proyectos Nº 98: Fala

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Av Proyectos Nº 98: Fala

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fala, Brand New WordsEclair & Millefeuille/046, Lausanne (Switzerland)Household within Lines and Dots/069, Porto (Portugal)Most Small House/073, Vila Genuine (Portugal)Household around a Chimney/077, Amarante (Portugal)Variants within a Box/085, Porto (Portugal)Household in Belem/087, Lisbon (Portugal)Household of Many Windows/094, Lisbon (Portugal)Household of Cards/101, Tuias (Portugal)Home with Pink Chimneys/102, Porto (Portugal)Art gallery in a Park/111, Kortrijk (Belgium)Museu Carmen Thyssen, Remodelling and Extension (Spain)Nieto Sobejano ArquitectosCalderón Folch Studio + AV62 arquitectosFuses Viader ArquitectesMartínez Lapeña Torres Arquitectos + Adrià OrriolsTuñón Arquitectos + Camps Felip ArquitecturiaArquitectura biodigital, Strengthening with CharacterMaría MalloReproduction Room, Biennale of Rabat (Morocco)The LivingHy Fi, Ny (US)Company Brand New HeroesThe Growing Pavilion, Eindhoven (Germany)Beetles 3.

3 / Arg / Yad Yassin Areddia ConceptCover Mycelium, Kerala (India)Alberto T. EstévezHereditary Barcelona Project, Barcelona (Spain)ecoLogicStudioH.O.R.T.U.S. XL, Vienna (Austria)Kunsthaus, in developmentDavid Chipperfield Architects BerlinZurich (Switzerland)Juan Genovés (1930 2020)Crowds of people and folksEdi Hirose, Land TransformationsTerritories of Peru